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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  January 22, 2024 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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polls open soon 12 hours away. thanks, guys. appreciate it. >> bret: tomorrow, on "special report," complete coverage from here in new hampshire. we will talk to voters around the state about the issues they care about. and then please join martha mccallum and me tomorrow night 10:00 p.m. eastern time as we bring you special coverage of live primary results with a cast of thousands. including these guys. remember, if you can't catch us live, set your dvr, 6:00 p.m. in the east, 3:00 p.m. on the west coast. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and still unafraid. time for nice bump out shot. "the ingraham angle" is next. ♪ >> good evening, everyone. i'm laura ingraham. this is the ingraham angle back
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in washington tonight. right after the iowa caucuses,, the angle gave advice to governor sang tuesday and governor haley to drop out. >> people forget how young he is. three more years as florida's governor, can he build an even greater track record of success in that very important state. so, a future in the republican party for him could be really bright. but he is simply not going to be president this time around. so it's time to step aside and endorse trump. waiting for south carolina is a colossal waste of time and money and, frankly, it's a waste of your future political capital. >> laura: for having the nerve to say that, i was set upon by a bunch of paid flax for both candidates who, obviously, preferred to stay right on that gravy train as long as possible but yesterday, desantis made the right call by suspending his campaign and endorsing trump.
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now, i have been telling you there is a lot of good news lately and tonight i'm going to say it again. there's a lot of good news. good nuts for the populist movement and the country. the angle has always had great respect for how desantis has led. red state and following like gang busters, strong multicultural coalition there that i think represents the future party. smart for both trump and desantis to put all the past fights aside and work together. but, nikki haley think she is smarter than both of them. she thinks she is tougher and more resilient. she is not a quitter, and she's not a victim except when she plays one on tv. >> we were the only indian family in our small southern town. i was teased every day for being
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brown. so anyone that wants to question it can go back and look at what i have said on how hard it was to grow up in the deep south as a brown girl. i was disqualified from a beauty pageant because i wasn't white or black because they didn't know where to put me. >> laura: none of us knows what went down there. i'm sure there were slights and insults it. all sounds very convenient. a little bit odd. and frankly, it sounds like something a liberal would say. but it is something that the so-called moderates might actually like to hear because remember the hashtagging of blm during the floyd riots, the same i'm a fiscal not a social conservative the billionaire types who happenly virtue signal about dei and nod silently when others talk about structural racism because they think it makes them seem less greed have and more groovy. how many of them are lining up
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behind haley in the answer a lot. court wall street. the hill is reporting that billionaire stanley trucken miller, henry crafs, langone and cliff are reportedly planning a fundraiser for haley a big one on january 30th. it's going to be in new york then. that's not all. after that she will be hitting miami and palm beach to meet with wealthy donors and also go to california and texas before the south carolina primary whereby she hopes she is going to meet more donors according to a source now, haley's team is bragging about all. this bragging about their $24 million fourth quarter money haul and that's a lot of money. it also got a third place finish in iowa for her and the spending on all that ads, did it really work? it's hardly impressive to me. she is hoping an additional $4 million ad buy in south carolina is going to ensure that
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she is no jeb bush. she is not the bush of 2024, no way. but, in this climate, where the winning message is closer to power to the people. she is varying toward power to the plutocrats.. they might as well light their money on fire at this point and throw it off the top of the tallest building they can find or send it to favorite kraus. i'm trying to be creative here. ukraine? send it right to zelenskyy. haley is finished and prolonging the obvious is just ensuring that she has no political future. it's not going to hurt trump at this point. well, maybe she has a political future if you think liz cheney has a bright political future. now, trump didn't win because desantis ran a weak campaign. a lot of people are dumping on desantis. trump won because the republican base was never going to abandon him once the biden administration decided to use the justice department against
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him. i mean, conservatives understand properly that we can never let the democrats pick our nominee. succeed weaponizing the doj against trump use the same tactics against anyone who ever really threatens their hold on power that sort of tyranny cannot stand and republicans have wisely pulled together to make sure it doesn't. now, under these circumstances, most republicans were not looking for alternative in 2024. but let's not forget all those former republicans who claim that they were appalled by the chaos of president trump. for almost 8 years they told us they were not so concerned with president trump's policies. oh no, they were upset that he didn't follow the norms, that he was dangerous. now, governor desantis' campaign proved that those people were actually lying.
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because, if they really had been looking for the principled conservative they claimed they wanted, they would have rallied to governor desantis, but they didn't because they don't like desantis' policies either on or about his beliefs. they want open borders. they want the u.s. to be china's equal or maybe even junior partner. they want social conservatives to stand down. and they want war, lots and lots of war. so as long as it doesn't inconvenience the ccp that is. yes. that's what they have alwayswan. that's what they want now. everything else they tell you is a lie. they aren't conservatives. and, frankly, they are not really patriots. not at least the way i think of patriots. they are not principled. and that's why they had little to no interest in supporting desantis. because they only support politicians they can control. but, brief me, governor haley, you are -- governor desantis, excuse me, you are better off without them. because, when ron and casey
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desantis appear at the rnc, and they will do so this summer, they're going to be greeted with cheers and joy. but not the self-proclaimed principled republicans who worked to help biden and destroy trump. now, does nikki haley want to be with the players on the field or does she want to be like, i don't know, john kasich or jeff flake or adam kinzinger and pouting from the stands? now, last week, i warned that she was headed down a path that can effectively end her career inside the g.o.p. >> stomp listening to your high priced campaign consultants who are telling you what they think you want to hear. if she wants a future in the republican party, haley needs to tune out the never trumpers, not embrace them. then she needs to go to her daughters and this will be a toughy and say to them this: look, the party has moved on. it's not 2003 anymore. and we have to move on with it.
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>> with governor desantis and vivek ramaswamy now behind president trump and others, she has no path forward to the nomination, none. the real clear politics average gives haley only 11.5% nationwide. for home state senator tim scott endorse president trump last week. so whatever happens in new hampshire tomorrow night, president trump will be nominated this summer. other than the billionaires, who is really with haley? oh, sorry, larry hogan, maryland. asa upenson, arkansas. chris sununu, governor of new hampshire. oh, sorry, the editorial page of the "boston globe," yeah. that's for haley. on friday we told you that america got a lot of good news last week and last week desantis gave us more you might not have believed it. believe it now.
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the country has a clear choice in 2024. it's either trump or biden and going forward we sincerely hope that governor haley reject the support of those who just want to use her to help biden and join the rest of us. we are a lot more fun because we are backing president trump. but, whatever she does, president trump and his movement are one step closer to the greatest political comeback of all time. and that's the angle. joining me now is congressman byron donalds. congressman, it's great to see you tonight. you know, they all got mad at me last week when i said, you know, it's time to step aside. your future in politics is not over. they are both, you know, still pretty young and could both do a lot. but, now why have desantis doing the right thing but haley has a series of big ticket fundraisers scheduled what does that tell you? >> what tells me, laura, off lot of donors who haven't seen the writing on the wall.
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i'm up here in northern new hampshire right now. they just got done with the national anthem. i'm going to tell you the fever for donald trump is real. that's what republican voters want all across our country. the line outside in 20-degree weather proves it and the donors need to come face the facts and face the reality that the thing that's going to save this nation is america first agenda and donald trump is going to deliver this it. >> laura: well, congressman, you are in new hampshire, you feel the energy. used to work in the trump administration, if they could, at the would come crawling back now but they can't but they are actually hosts of "the view." watch. >> there is some sexism we haven't talked about. ron desantis actually intellectually knows that nikki haley is more qualified and more fit to be the g.o.p. nominee. he is a harvard grad. is he a yale undergrad. he served in the navy. he knows donald trump is not better than her. >> laura: congressman, is sexism the reason nikki haley isn't
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winning? >> no. it's not. it's about the agenda and it's about what the american people have seen. donald trump has done this job, laura. we have talked about that many, many times. and nikki haley does represent the old guard and the old way in the republican party that's how she came up. that's how he governed in south carolina. the voters in our country, republican voters in our country do not want that. they are tired of business as usual in washington, d.c. and, frankly, in a lot of state capitals in our country. what they want is an agenda that speaks for them, that speaks to them. that demonstrates our government is serious about doing everything of, for, and by the people, not for businesses, not for foreign nationals, not for international globalist communities but for the american people first and foremost. that's what they want and that's what they're going to get. >> laura: congressman, i'm just glad that you have a really loud voice given where you are standing right now. thank you very much for joining us and have fun out there, my friend.
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>> laura: all right. if you thought 2020 was a mess, buckle up. blue states have already been passing big overhauls of their voting laws in new york governor hochul signed into law no excuse mail-in voting. michigan now grants voters an extra nine days for early voting. they have also made it easier to vote by mail and appeared added more drop box of course. one illinois lawmaker has voting by mail the default option for the state. so, what are republicans doing? if anything? joining me now ned ryun, founder and ceo of american majority. ned, you and i have talked about this before. i don't think i have seen the republican party more united than it is right now contrary to what the, you know, corporate media will try to convey to the people even if trump wins the nomination by a landslide, does it matter if these mail-in ballot drop box issues are not countered by the republican?
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>> well, i would agree, laura, on some levels. we happen to be on parallel paths. look at arizona. i would throw in arizona and the situation with people being registered to vote without providing proof of u.s. citizenship and then being given federal ballots. in 2018 almost 2,000 non-citizens that voted in arizona's federal elections that jumped to 12,000, almost 12,000 in 2020. what the senate majority leader warren peterson, republican is doing right now is suing the secretary of state to stop that. so, in some of these areas you are seeing them fighting back on one level and on another level, laura, in this regards to no excuse absentee ballot, i think we have to say we are going to use those tactics to the hilt. i mean, look at florida. florida -- florida has been a no excuse absentee ballot state for decades. and guess who has been winning the majority overwhelming majority of statewides and presidentials? republicans. why? because they adapted and adopted to those rules and said we are going to become really good at
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chasing absentee ballots. by the way guess who is running trump's campaign. the team that run the ballot program five cycles. we got to go down parallel paths, fight where it where we can. and adopt these rules and say absentee ballots are not going away before 2024. the thing that's working in our favor, 2016, trump caught everybody by surprise. in 2020, the left threw everything at trump. corporate propaganda, everything, squeaked out a win by about 43,000 votes. throwing everything at trump. that's not happening in 2024. i think the electorate is better informed on the games that the left is playing. i think the republicans and those on the right have gotten much better at absentee ballot chase programs. i would even argue, laura, looking at the numbers in these key presidentials, we don't even have to have an a-plus absentee ballot program in the fall if we have a solid program, i think we can win. >> laura: here is new hampshire's democrat senator
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discussing what democracy really means to republicans. >> people need to be really clear here regardless of which republican wins the nomination, whether it is haley or desantis or trump. they are all committed to ruling rolling this country backwards to undermining democracy. what we have a group of republicans who are all aligned with donald trump, would all undermine our democracy and ignore the rule of law. >> laura: so, ned, this is the same party that wants to take trump off the ballot, put trump in jail. all they seem to offer, given what happened today, is abortion on demand, we're all about abortion, more abortions everywhere. they are never happier as when a woman is having an abortion it seems. that's their big -- that's it. that's all they have to offer. open border and more abortion and fake democracy argument. >> i would also argue, too. any republicans who think it's only trump they are going after. no, they would like to go after every last republican and apply the same tactics.
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democrats are not interested in a true opposition party. they would like to crush all opposition. so they are coming for all republicans. >> laura: ned, thank you. always great to see you there was some breaking news today that proves that the biden administration cannot be trusted on any border deal. senator marco rubio responds, next. ♪ but i'm also a mother of four. and as entrepreneurs, we weigh the cost of every decision. medical bills are no longer a worry for our family. so i can focus on my calling and our family. joining christian health care ministries was one of the best decisions we ever made. we're the blair family, and this is our chm story. choose your doctor without network restrictions. all at an affordable price. enroll anytime at
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>> laura: 5-4 ruling today the supreme court sided with the biden administration allowing federal agents to remove that razor wire fence migrants from crossing from mexico. in the dissent, justices alito, thomas, kavanaugh and gorsuch. trump nominee amy coney barrett and bush nominee john roberts joined with the court's majority against texas. now, while the barrett and roberts votes here were disappointments, now, remember the real villain here is joe biden and alejandro mayorkas. their policy is to allow nearly every migrant into america. every migrant who gets across the border can stay i mean, pretty much everyone. and this lawsuit against texas should effectively end any future negotiations with the
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biden white house on the border. senator marco rubio joins me now. senator, i saw your tweet earlier today. why should any republican be working on a border deal with these people given what their obvious goal is here and it's not enforcement. >> first of all, there are things we need to do like improve our asylum process being abused and broken and completely reformed. got to get rid of parole program also being abused. 300 percent increase over how any other president used it in the past. all those things are legitimate and should be fixed. the problem is this, the laws have to be executed by the executive branch. and we already have laws on the books right now. the laws have not changed from the time trump president and the time i became president. what changed is the way the law was applied and executed. the same laws -- trump had the same laws as biden but trump did not allow people and discouraged people from coming. and we detained people and deported people and forced people to remain in mexico. biden, on day one, said i'm getting rid of all the trump
4:24 pm
policies, in essence, they are not following the laws that exist now. they are not using their enforcement tools now. so what leads us to believe that no matter what law you pass they are actually going to do any of the things you agree. to say all these things do is allows an administration to do something but doesn't mean they are going to do it. if they are willing to go to the supreme court to fight against border security what meax you think they are going to adhere by any legislative deal that's done on border security. they are going to take the legislation and say yes, that's an option but not pursue it because they are not interested in border security. >> laura: senator, have you had discussions with senate leadership given your own experience on the border back in 2013 with people like lankford, mcconnell, thune, about the timing of this and linking this with ukraine funding, given where the people clearly are on this issue of the border? they know what is happening. >> what i said to everybody is
4:25 pm
two fold. number one is you go back to 2013, 10 years ago now, that was a very different time. we had an immigration problem and primarily was the fact that we had a bunch of people in the country already here illegally. today what we have is something we have never seen in american history. you know, in the month of december, 300,000 people on a daily basis, 5,000 to 6,000 people just walking into the country every day and being released. i think back to 9/11, right? when we had people that came here but they had to prehead students learning to be pilots. now they don't have to pretend anymore. now all they have to do is cross the border and say the magic words and given asylum and get to go ton airplanes without having to show i.d. lawyers lawyer none of that is stopping with this bill. >> no. >> laura: can i ask you something quickly. we heard they might try to pass something in principle without the specific details being known or being able to be read by everybody? is that possible? could they actually do that. >> it's possible. you have to pass a bill as you well know as a lawyer. you have to have a bill and have
4:26 pm
to have language. the question is if i give it to you on tuesday and wednesday and say you have to vote on it on thursday. especially something like immigration law where every little word matters and especially how it's going to be interpreted but all of this -- this is all biden wants. he wants to reach a bipartisan deal with republicans in the senate. then have the house not pass it. and then he can go around saying look, we tried. the crazy republican maga people in the house wouldn't do it. now they own the border crisis. that's what this is all about. >> laura: setting them up for that that's for sure. senator, great to see you. thanks so much. now it's not just red states like texas that feel the need to take action here. american citizens are fed up with the open border as well none more so than this grieving mother. >> this could have been anyone's daughter. i don't want any other parent to live the nightmare that i am living. i am her voice now and i'm going to fight with everything i have to to get her story told and bring awareness of issue at the
4:27 pm
border. >> tammy's daughter was allegedly raped and strangled by teenage migrant ms-13 gang member from el salvador. she is now suing the department of homeland security for failing to do an appropriate background check. tammy nobiles and her attorney brian claypool join me now when you see these senators engaged in quote negotiations are given the fact that they are suing texas and trying to stop texas from be enforcing their own border what do you say to them given what happened to your own child? >> when i testified in front of the suck committee, it was very frustrating because the democrats were on their phones. they didn't look at her picture. they didn't look at her video. they didn't even say her name. and they called me -- they told me i wasn't an expert and i
4:28 pm
shouldn't have been there. and here i am sharing my pain and my personal story with them and that is how i am treated. >> who do you feel is more empathized with at this point, the people of the united states? many of whom have suffered violent crimes, their families or themselves, their property by the hands of migrants, or the people of ukraine who have -- they have suffered a lot but our own citizens are suffering. who gets more of the senate's attention here? >> >> i have been getting a lot of support from a lot of individuals here in the united states. i have had an outpouring of support and everyone is happy with how i am sharing her story and with this lawsuit? i'm talking about the government. i think the people of the united states are 100 percent with you.
4:29 pm
brian, your legal basis for filing the lawsuit. given the fact that the government can usually claim some sort of immunity in circumstances like this. what makes you think you could be successful? >> hey, laura, we are tired of being held hostage by dhs. we are tired of dhs and president biden playing russian ryulet with our kids it. could be your daughter. it could be my daughter. it was tammy's daughter. so we are fed up. we have had enough. so we filed this $100 million lawsuit. and we will win and get around this immunity because dhs engaged in what is called operational negligence. that's how we get around this immunity. this wasn't some discretionary act, laura. they had a protocol. they were supposed to follow at the border. and they breached their own protocol. it was simple. you are supposed to lift the t-shirt of this kid trying to come across the border. he has a gang tattoo. he had one. he is disqualified.
4:30 pm
he goes back to el salvador. a simple phone call, laura to consulate in el salvador and guess what? this kid was on that list because he was arrested in 2020 for being an ms-13 gang. so we are going to make change and try to create safety in this country in honor of kayla hamilton. >> laura: tammy, your family suffered so much. we feel so deeply for you and for all americans who are suffering because of this. brian, thank you for representing her. a major development in fani willis' lover's divorce case puts everything at stake. what is it? i'll tell you about it, next. ♪ "before and after". then, there's the 'after the after' that boost you get when you look and feel your best. and that's why more men choose just for men®.
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>> laura: that was the attorney for fani willis if you could hear it, trying to down play the knowledge she has of the affair with her and nathan wade. a georgia judge is issuing a stay of her deposition in the divorce case of her top trump prosecutor nathan wade. now, this is amidst allegations that she and wade were in an improper relationship while prosecuting the election interference case against former president donald trump. mike joins me now. former gorsuch clerk. i watched the attorney i believe it was for jocelyn wade arguing that only fani willis has the information that would be relevant to this case and so she must sit for a deposition but, man, she doesn't want any part
4:37 pm
of this now why pray tell? >> the bigger problem for this fulton county d.a. fani willis she hired her secret boyfriend who had never tried a felony case to be her special prosecutor at $250 per hour to bring a ricco felony case against president trump and 18 co-defendants. this secret boyfriend allegedly concluded with the biden white house including the biden white house counsel before fani willis brought this unprecedented indictment and then fani willis allegedly took illegal kick backs from her secret boyfriend in the form of these lavish trips to napa, the caribbean, all over the world. and now we know that we have the bank records, the credit card receipts where it shows that this secret boyfriend actually paid for her plane ticket. so, fanny is in hot water here. i don't know how she stays on
4:38 pm
this case against trump. frankly, i don't know how this case against trump continues because it's been tainted from the beginning. >> seems like all these other liberal lawyers have been cheering on this fani willis prosecution are now taking a step back and saying they are still for the prosecution but they are not necessarily for her. this is ellie hoenig on cnn. >> everyone that we have spoken to, they agree that the optics in this are just horrible. in fact, there is some now high level democrats in this state who are calling fani willis to step down and recuse herself from this case. >> an emergency hearing in georgia wrapped up and it could have major implications for fani willis. >> i think she should seriously consider taking a personal leave and stepping away from the office. i think that's about the only way this case just doesn't go right off the rails right now. >> there is genuine reason to question the d.a.'s judgment on these matters of conflict of
4:39 pm
interest. chief law enforcement officer of a very large county in georgia and i think she needs to hold herself to a higher level of professional ethics and responsibility. she is causing problems for herself and potentially for this case. >> laura: koenig, he sees the writing on the wall. how long before she drops out? we were talking about other people dropping out earlier in the show. how long before she drops out? >> yeah. this is the part of the democrats democrats' lawfare and election interference and the house of cards can tumbling. congresswoman marjorie taylor greene sent a criminal referral to governor kemp and chris down in georgia asking them to follow their statutory duty and open a criminal probe on fani willis for 8 potential criminal violations under georgia statute. so far governor kemp and attorney general chris carr are refusing to do this. they are trying to punt this to a state commission that's not
4:40 pm
even operating right now. i think carr and kemp need to start doing their job here. >> laura: i mean, i guess, we're just a punching bags for the left. but then when they actually break the law or allegedly break the law, we're just like oh, no, it looks political. mike, you are 100 percent right. great to see you. update on our investigation into congresswoman barbara lee's mystery white guy. plus, you won't believe congressman jim clyburn's reason that black voters are souring on biden. ♪
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>> laura: as we noted earlier poor nikki haley claims that as a child she felt the sting of racism in the pageant world then there is poor representative barbara lee who last week claimed she was racially insulted at the elevator bank. >> i was walking from the house building on capitol hill to the capitol and a man, a white guy, stopped me and told me i could not get into the members elevator. and, you know, we have pins and i was going to vote. he blocked me from getting into the elevator and told me i was not a member of congress and it was for members only. i said sir, i'm a member of congress. i showed him my pin. and he said whose pin did you
4:46 pm
steal? >> laura: now the angle stands with congresswoman smollett -- i mean congresswoman lee and we reiterate our demand that the house sergeant of arms release all security footage of this incident. authorities have to identify this rude and callus individual so that no member will ever be forced to endure the elevator trauma that congresswoman lee endured. we have yet to receive a response from the congresswoman's office or capitol police and we will continue to provide updates as they come in. james clyburn has a theory about why black voters are beginning to ditch the items. clyburn blamed the media for not covering biden's many successes. but, even the abc reporter pushed back on that? how concerned are you when it comes to the president's ability to reach a black voters?
4:47 pm
>> i'm concerned with the reporting of this my goodness, if there is any truth to the numbers and i don't believe them because i talk to back people all the time. i don't know where those numbers are coming from. but, when you ask a question and someone is basing their opinion on incomplete information or misinformation, there are a lot of things being said that just aren't true and i think that we are going to breakthrough that oh my the man is not making sense at this point. joining me now is horace cooper. i'm not really following clyburn. so the media we're supposed to believe now is anti-biden? they are trying to help trump by putting out misinformation how great biden's poles are for black people? what? >> that whole who are you going to believe me or your lying eyes or ears thing isn't going to work. here's the truth. black americans believe that joe
4:48 pm
biden lied to them in 2020. he promised that he was going to make things better. ford motor company announced during the trump administration, they sold a record number of pickup trucks to black americans. now that biden's president, we're not seeing any new growth in truck pickup purchases, in fact, what we're seeing is a record number of repossessions this president's poor stewardship of the economy has unleashed the federal reserve. black americans, more than other groups tend to have a adjustable rate mortgages and their mortgage rates are going through the sky and then are being foreclosed on. finally, this president has unleashed the irs even as the media explains that more blacks are being audited per capita in america than any other racial group he manages to unbelievably
4:49 pm
increase 10, 20, $60 billion for the irs. black americans are angry and they're not taking it anymore. >> laura: horace, all i can say that's just a bunch of disinformation that you put out there. i just think we have to end this segment right now. all right. i was cheering. all right, horace, thank you. the "seen and unseen" from the campaign trail playoff game in the white house. raymond arroyo has all the details, next. ♪ ( ♪ ) wake up to a new you. with mucinex nightshift, it's not cold & flu season, it's always comeback season.
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>> laura: it's time for "seen and unseen" where we are illustrated by an headline. raymond arroyo, we've been covering nikki haley's decision to stay in the race despite the polls, but you've discovered another indicator of her effectiveness. >> well, look, governor haley, with great fanfare, lawyer, featured independent judge judith sheindlin the other night
4:55 pm
at her new hampshire rally. watch. >> we need her. and if we don't have her, it's going to be a tragedy for this country. i said to someone, i would vote for her if she were a frog. >> poor nikki haley. it ain't easy being green, laura. they don't pay too much attention to what people say. i always watch for what people do. and for all the diffusive talk, look closely at judge judy. look at her face as she listens to nikki haley speak. >> i don't want all the political establishment endorsements that everybody's talking about. you want those that know what it's like to fight. you want those that know what it's like to win, and those that love our country, and it's not about them. >> all right, laura. do you think she's buying this? >> laura: it's like in the old "jerry jeudy" show. "no , no, no, no. let me get in a word here."
4:56 pm
"something's not adding up." >> lawyer, if nikki haley were a plaintiff in a courtroom, she would rule for the defendant. it was clear from her face. but it's not just judge judy. beyond his words of support for nikki haley, new hampshire governor chris sununu also seems to be having some second thoughts. not long ago he said she was going to win the primary by a landslide. then that she would come in second and that would be great. but look at his face as she speaks. >> this is a grassroots network. they are picking one democrat donor but they are not looking at all of them. i will tell you, the number one focus we have -- and this is the problem with the republican party now -- they want to go and push everybody a way that doesn't fit their narrative. >> [laughs] wouldn't you love to see the thought bubble above their heads, loyal? >> laura: raymond, you can tell what he was thinking. i think he is thinking, "oh, my god, i could have done this so much better. and my really standing here? what happened?"
4:57 pm
it's like he has been awakened from a bad dream. he's looking and going, "what?" >> as they see trump continuing to rise, which no one expected here, and you see everyone getting wobbly, it's a bad look for the governor. he chose the wrong horse. but from endorsers who upstage candidates to spectators who are upstaging players, during the chiefs game against the bills the other night, the taylor swift show continued, laura. cbs did repeated cutaways to swift, who was watching her boyfriend, travis kelce, from a box. then there was a special guest star who showed up, his brother, jason. he chug-a-lugged beer shirtless throughout the game, and fans slammed it as a distraction from the game, which i'm not sure is entirely accurate. >> laura: it seems like the
4:58 pm
old days at the beta house in college. they would take their shirts off and go out in the snow. was it chris farley who did that in that old chippendale's routine? i think jason kelsey's wife said "get back in the box." >> and even blame them. taylor swift is watching the boyfriend, he's excited for his brother. i blame the broadcaster who has turned this into a limited series with interruptions by a game. they keep going back to that box. i just wish they would stop it. one shot is sufficient. we don't need a limited series here to binge. and when i saw jason kelce stepped out of that box shirtless, it brought to mind that classic christmas character, laura. only yukon cornelius wore a shirt the snow and he never still focus from rudolph. >> laura: just needed one of
4:59 pm
those little hicks to find the gold. tell us about that new biden campaign strategy. >> laura, the white house today released a new abortion add, and biden is announcing an expansion of chemical abortions via executive order. >> i said on that day that roe was overturned, the health and lives of women in this nation would now be at risk, and that has unfortunately proven to be true. >> especially for the little girls who are born, i guess. now he's deploying kamala harris to go state to state. she was in wisconsin today. they are going to get her to virginia tomorrow, a big abortion rally, and they have also sent rachel levine out. i don't know why she's going out to tell women about health care, she's going out to ply the abortion line, and they've put ballot initiatives in key swing
5:00 pm
states during this presidential election. wisconsin, arizona, georgia, michigan, nevada, north carolina. they are hoping abortion will bring out the faithful to support joe biden. >> laura: i'm trying to figure this out. you are someone in ohio -- or, no, you are someone in new york, and no new jobs are coming to new york. terrible crime, all the mess and migrants. but you are supposed to vote for a democrat so there can be more abortions for women in mississippi? it doesn't make any sense to me. they're not going to expand prosperity, but abortions for everyone? raymond, i don't think it works. i know we are going to hear from the kelce brothers fans. that's all. jesse next, see you tomorrow night. >> jesse: welcome to


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